Ariba Supplier Automation Full Ariba Supplier cXML Turnkey Solution

Service Description

Geneteg's Ariba Supplier Automation service is a fully automated Ariba turn-key solution specifically created for suppliers in the Ariba network. Our solution allows suppliers to become fully automated using cXML transactions in a short amount of time. Geneteg has developed an Ariba supplier infrastructer template for processing the full range of Ariba cXML transactions indluding Purchase Orders, Purchase Order updates, Confirmations, Confirmation Changes, ASNs, Invoices and Credits.

What is an Ariba Supplier?

The Ariba network is a marketplace to bring buyers and sellers together in order to process common purchasing transaction in a standard way. Ariba provides sellers with the option to use their online tool or to transact electronically using cXML document format. The Ariba supplier accept these electronic orders into their system, and in turn sends back confirmations, advanced shipping notices and invoices.


In many cases, the decision to become an Ariba supplier is not by choice but necessity. More and more large buying entities us Ariba as a hub for transacting with suppliers in a common way. Small to mid sized suppliers need to make a choice as to how they are going to use the Ariba system. The online Ariba tool provides a convenient way to enter document transactions. However, this quickly can become cumbersome double entry for large volumes. The supplier must enter the information in their ERP systems and in the Ariba system as well.

Suppliers wishing to transact in Ariba in a fully automated fashion must either have in house technical resources who have the expertise, or hire new resources. Availability and cost of specialized Ariba resources make implementing such an automated solution very challenging. In addition, Ariba commonly gives a window of just 2 1/2 months of support for a fully automated supplier implementation.


Geneteg will become your partner is implementing a fully realized Ariba supplier solution.

We will first assess your transaction needs and create the infrastructure and modules to implement these transactions. These transactions have many business rules that may need to be accomodated in the buyer system. Geneteg is familiar with these business rules and has defined common tranformations to adhere to them. Suppliers will receive test and production infrastructure environments with the Geneteg solution.

Next we will assess your current systems and define the data extraction and data insertion capabilities. An important part of any automation solution is the ability to easily and reliably integrate to a supplier system. We help to minimize the work need to affect this integration for the supplier perspective.

After the integration is complete for the supplier system, Geneteg will work with Ariba and the buyer's resources to test all transactions flowing through the solution.

Getting Starting

Please contact us for details on getting started with an Ariba supplier automation solution.

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