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Service Description

Geneteg's System Integration service is a fully realized interface between systems or applications. Our years of interface service will assist you with the most basic to the most complicated system interfaces. Do you need to transfer a file with data to a customer or vendor? Do you want to able to accept electronic data like Purchase Orders automatically into your system? Or do you simply want to automate a repetitive task> Our experts provide a proven methodology for extracting data and loading it to destination systems. Our infrastructure is fully cloud subscription based. No need to purchase expensive integration software platforms. We simplify integration for all levels of need.

What is a System Interface?

In order to be reactive and competitive in todays computer driven business environment, customers need the ability to easily automate data transfer to third parties. B2B transactions and data availability are crucial to distinguish yourself from the others. B2B transactions can range from electronic purchase orders and invoices to sending catalogs and inventory. You may want to synchronize your catalog data with different sources and sites. You may want to expose your data in a internet based Web API with a punch out mechanism.


Customers address this problem by purchasing expensive software such as Tibco and BizTalk that handles the entire orchestration and processing of data in and out of a system. These packages come with many complicated mechanisms such as service bus topics and queues that require the expertise of experienced technical resources. On top of that, these software packages must run on a dedicated infrastruction that may involve multiple environments (Development, Test, and Production). The overall cost of ownership rises year over year as the integration system grows. Moreover, the suppoort and upkeep of some integration packages like BizTalk are waining as the cloud technologies begin to replace their capabilities.


Geneteg provides a structured and proven methodology for implementing and supporting system interface.

System integration is commonly referring to as ETL transactions. Extract, transform and load describe the phases of how the data is processed through the entire orchestration.

Geneteg expands on this through what it refers to as IETLNA transactions. Each of these phases, described below, are developed and billed individually so the customer knows exactly what they are receiving.

I - Initialize

The beginning phase of the transaction. In the initialization phase, the mechanisms are developed to configure the vital aspects of how the interface processes. Extraction and load URLs or SFTP site names are configured along with email address and any other necessary meta data needed to properly orchestrate. This mechanism is developed in a way that allows the customer to easily change minor aspects of the interface without doing a full release. This allows the customer to react quickly to changes.

E - Extract

The extraction phase implements and software or servers necessary to receive the data from the third party system. This extraction may pull data from a SFTP server, REST service, or file sharing service like OneDrive. Geneteg has experience in all aspects of data extraction including implementing Web APIs that allow third parties to "push" data to your system.

T - Transform

Our transformation service provides a process that converts data from one form to another that is usable by the destination system. Please view our transformation service page for a full description. As always, Geneteg's transformations are free to subscribing customers!

L - Load

During the load phase, the transformed data is sent to it's ultimate destination. The loading phase may be as simple as placing a file on a server or as complicated as creating mechanisms to interact with a commercial software package. Geneteg has the experience to understand the entire load phase need and can help with all the modules needed to accomplish this phase.

A - Archive

Every Geneteg interface stores archival data that is readily available to customers if re-prossing is needed or questions arise. Geneteg uses 100% cloud storage that is highly available and reliable.

Getting Starting

Customer's wishing to implement full end-to-end system interfaces with Geneteg must first be signed up for a paid subscription. Customers sign up for a subsription based on the expected number of interfaces processed. If you plan on running an interface in a batch mode (1 time per day), you may only need the basic subscription plan. Customers that expect real time interfaces will need to sign up for higher volume plans.

All subscription plans come with a dedicated cloud environment. Customers on the professional or enterprise plan have the option to buy out this environment at any time to continue service without Geneteg as a vendor.

Geneteg will assess your interface needs and provide you with an hourly quote for developing all phases other than the transformation phase which is completed free.

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